What is Carib One's Prepaid Long Distance Service
Carib One now offers the most convenient, affordable and flexible way to call the Caribbean and around the World. Call from your cell, home or business phone! Save up to 85% when you call anywhere in the world with our innovative dial-around service. Simply sign up to set up your phone and dial our access number, our service is instantly applied to your cellular, home and business phones. It's fast, it's easy and it saves you money.

It's like having a Prepaid Mobile, International & Long Distance Service ALL IN ONE
Carib One offers you a value added service incomparable to others!
Use from your home phone: - Our dial around service allows you to access our network without having to change your long distance provider
Use from your cell phone: - Our service is also compatible with all cellular services so no switching cell phone service providers.

Concerned about running out of minutes? Select auto-recharge. Save money with our low rates, no contract, no maintenance fee, no connection fee or service fee. Need to add additional time quickly? Simply login through the existing customer login here to add time or manage your account 24/7! Add our access number to your speed dial for quicker calling.

Convenient - can be used from your home, cell, office or even when travelling (e.g hotel or friend's house)
No pin numbers to dial. No calling cards needed.
No need to change your present long distance or mobile service provider.
No contracts to sign or obligations of any kind.
No monthly fees, hidden fees or extra charges.
No taxes or charges on your monthly phone bill like the major carriers have.
Manage your account and view call records online 24/7.
You decide how much to spend and when. You are in control.

How to sign up and use our service

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Or call our toll free number to sign up now: 1-877-467-0022

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